No Time for a Deep Cleaning?

As adults, we don’t always have all the time in the world to do a deep cleaning in our homes. Weeks pass us by quickly and we run out of time in the blink of an eye. With work consuming our day-to-day schedule, family taking up the nights, and school or hobbies sneaking in between, is it really logical to get an intense and pristine cleaning done once a week?

The answer to that question is no, it’s not logical. It is, however, more understanding if a home goes through several speedy cleanings throughout the weeks, with one intense and pristine cleaning once a month.

But how do we know where to start with a quick cleaning? How do we know what needs to be done and what can be pushed off to the end of the month?

Here, we’re going to take the living room as an example and we’re going to explain what should be done in the week to week speedy cleaning. From there, it’ll be easier to decipher what chores need to be done for other areas of the home – so let’s just take this for what it is, a good and thorough example.

Start by gathering your necessary cleaning supplies.

Organizing your cleaning supplies will definitely save you on time. If you keep everything in a basket in a designated area, that will allow you easy access to all the tools you need to clean the living room.

For instance, be sure to have a few sponges for quick spill clean ups. Grab some microfiber cloths for delicate furniture clean up. Stock up on an all-purpose cleaner to use on just about any surface. Be sure to have paper towels for all the in-between spots you’ll need to reach.

Quickly clean up in the living room.

If you see anything that’s out of place, grab it quickly and tuck it away where it belongs. The goal here is to make sure no clutter is visible.

For instance, put those shoes away in the closet, get those toys in their respective bins, and tuck the loose DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s in their spot in the media cabinet.

Make the couch presentable for guests.

Pillows and cushions aren’t meant to be flat and uninviting. It’s your job to add some personality to them by fluffing them up. Don’t forget to change the covers out and wash/dry them.

If you have a leather couch, wipe it down with a lukewarm towel and make sure there are no visible stains. If you have a cloth covered couch, take a vacuum to it and make sure there are also no visible stains.

Vacuum the carpets and sweep the hardwoods. 

Carpets attract crumbs almost instantly and dust bunnies accumulate rather quickly on wooden floors. It’s your best bet to keep up with these surfaces on a weekly basis – that way the living room looks warm and inviting as opposed to dirty and disgusting.

Dust every surface you see in the room.

Too much dust is very unflattering to any living room. Not to mention it’ll activate allergies, showcase an uninviting room, and attract pests.

Just make it easy on yourself and your home and grab a duster or use a microfiber cloth to do a quick cleanup on all delicate furniture items.

Take care of those glass surfaces while you’re at it.

 Make sure you purchase an all-purpose glass cleaner and grab a rag at home to get the job done. Focus on areas with build up or visible grime, and be sure to eliminate all of the streak marks.

Pay extra special attention to electronic glass surfaces, like your Smart TV, in-home theater projector, and any other additional new and improved technologies.

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