Looking for an Airbnb Cleaning Service – Read This!

Vacation rental properties have always been popular, but not more so now that the world is slowly but surely opening up. That means property managers are caught up trying to make sure everything is ready for the influx of renters. Moreover, the turnover rate will likely be higher than usual, which means cleaning has to be no less than thorough every single time. 

This is particularly key because Airbnb guests expect nothing less than the best. Now more than ever, getting great ratings will matter—and what could be more impactful to guests than cleanliness?

Read on to learn more about hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service and why it’s crucial:

The Importance of Professional Cleaners

As previously mentioned, there’s plenty that goes into running a vacation rental business. Aside from hard work involving multiple business processes, a lot of commitment also needs to be set in place. If you are one of the many enterprising people with multiple Airbnb properties, that means your daily tasks are likely to triple or quadruple in weight.

Help is, of course, always welcome. If you’re looking to outsource the maintenance and cleanliness through an Airbnb cleaning service, get a good one! That way, you can rest easy knowing that your property is consistently up to par in terms of cleanliness, and your time, as well as energy, can go elsewhere.

Do Your Research

It may go without saying, but it’s ideal to work with an Airbnb cleaning service that’s decidedly professional. Your best starting point is to reach out to your network of fellow hosts local to the area of your property or properties. Chances are they’re already partnered up with a cleaning service they find reliable, trustworthy, and of great quality. 

And then there’s always the internet: Airbnb hosts and rental owners have multiple forums online. Search for cleaning services that specialize in Airbnbs within your area, too. Needless to say, it’s also vital to read up on any reviews you can find.

When evaluating your options, consider these factors:

  • Communication

Hosts aren’t always around when the turnaround period rolls around. It’s important to find a cleaning company that will stay in close contact and provides clear, detailed responses as you need them. Check the response team of potential companies by reaching out through their various channels and seeing how long it takes before they get back to you.

  • Pricing Structures

A flat price isn’t always standard when it comes to Airbnb cleaning services, though it’s not entirely uncommon. Companies that go with this pricing structure often conduct an assessment first then offer a flat rate to be used during each cleaning job. 

In other companies, the charges are by the hour. It’s best to go with something more stable and constant, so your budget doesn’t fluctuate monthly. Moreover, going by the hour can be tricky if the team suddenly finds they need another hour or two for more cleaning.

  • Experience

As previously mentioned, you should really look into a company’s credentials, including the reviews. Experience goes hand-in-hand with reputation, after all. Short-term rentals often have last-minute bookings, so experience in the industry is a must. That way, you get a thorough cleaning whether you book in advance or call them in with a day or even hours to spare.


Owning an Airbnb can get hectic, but perhaps never more so than these days. It’s key to have all the professional help you can get. When looking into Airbnb cleaning services, consider experience, communication, and their pricing structure.

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