How Long Does it Take to Deep Clean Your House?

You know those weeks when your house is so messy you can’t even find your socks? We’ve all been there when life gets busy. There are, luckily, a few easy ways to keep things clean so you can enjoy a mess free home!

One great way to keep your house fresh and neat is to deep clean it once a month. The real question is, how long does it take to deep clean your house? If you think a deep clean sounds like a lot of work, that’s because, well, it can be!

Put aside your home cleaning worries! In this article, we will teach you tricks and techniques to make this routine much quicker and easier than you might think. 

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning your house from ceiling to floor, removing every trace of dirt and grime. A deep clean should be done about once a month to keep your home consistently clean and tidy.

If you don’t do it regularly, you might spend hours and hours cleaning each week to feel like your house is somewhat tidy. 

While a quick once-over of each room each day is important, deep cleaning is the way to remove all the accumulated grime, dust, and dirt that everyday cleaning doesn’t reach. It’s important to deep clean every month so you don’t have to worry about being too behind on your cleaning routine.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your House?

There are many reasons why you should be doing a thorough deep cleaning of your house at least once a month. 

For starters, deep cleaning your house will make it smell better, which can help you stay happier and healthier. A clean home also helps you save money, as it’s much easier to stay organized in a tidy house.

A consistently clean house will make it easier to sell your home if you’re thinking of listing it for sale. Finally, regularly deep cleaning your house helps you develop better cleaning habits, making it easier to stay on top of your housework.

How Long Does Deep Cleaning Usually Take?

There isn’t a set amount of time that you need to dedicate to cleaning your entire house. However, it is a good idea to schedule at least two hours once a month to thoroughly deep clean your house, and three hours if you want to pay extra special attention to dusting and vacuuming.

If you want to increase the speed and effectiveness of your deep cleaning routine, here are a few tips and tricks to try:

First, get your supplies and cleaning products ready before you begin so you don’t waste time looking for them while you’re in the middle of your deep cleaning session.

Next, try to break up your deep cleaning tasks by room. For example, you can start by vacuuming the living room, then move on to the bedrooms, and so on. This organized routine will help you avoid getting bored or missing rooms and will make your deep cleaning session much more manageable.

Which Rooms Should you Focus On During Your Weekly Deep Clean?

A few different rooms deserve special attention during your monthly deep cleaning session: the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Your living room is the space guests will be spending most of their time in, so it’s best to keep it clean and tidy. Your kitchen is bound to be one of the dirtiest rooms, as it’s used very often. Be sure to put extra effort into deep cleaning it each month.

Finally, the bedrooms are where you and your family sleep, so keeping them as clean and dust free as possible is important.

Try These Cleaning Tricks to Make the Process Go Faster

There are a few tricks you can try when you’re deep cleaning your house to make the process go a little faster:

  • Make sure you have ample light in each room you’re cleaning. Good lighting makes it easier to spot dirt and grime, which is key during a deep cleaning session.
  • Play a fun cleaning playlist or podcast while you clean. Not only will this make your cleaning sessions more enjoyable, but it will also help you stay focused and energized. 
  • Start from high to low when dusting, so you don’t need to go back over areas twice!
  • Don’t forget to vacuum your ceilings, and be sure to do it before you vacuum the floor or dust the furniture. 

How to Deep Clean Your House in Just 2 Hours

If you’re short on time and are trying to fit in a deep cleaning session, the best way to do it is to start in one room and work your way around the house. First, vacuum the living room, then move on to the kitchen, and finish up in the bedrooms. If you have time, you can also vacuum the ceiling, clean the windows, and dust knickknacks.


The key to keeping your house clean is to make cleaning a regular part of your routine. It’s easier to stay on top of your housework if you have a cleaning schedule and follow it as closely as possible.

A weekly deep cleaning session is a great way to stay on top of your cleaning and keep your house feeling fresh, clean, and tidy. Remember that you don’t have to clean your entire house in one day. You can split up your tasks and clean for a few minutes daily to ensure you don’t get too far behind!

If you don’t feel like deep cleaning your home yourself, we are here to help! At Queen Bee Cleaning, our experienced cleaners strive for perfection & won’t stop until your home is clean & you are satisfied. We are committed to offering fast, reliable service at a reasonable price, backed by our 100% Quality Service Guarantee: If you are not delighted with the service, we will re-service the area within 24 hours of notification for free.

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