Holiday Home Cleaning Checklist

You know that time of year again – the holidays are near, and your house is full of mess. Your living room is littered with toys; the kitchen counter has sticky fingerprints; and all the shelves are filled with broken boxes, old newspapers, and half-eaten apples.

To help you out in these tight times, we’ve compiled a checklist to get you ready for the upcoming holidays. It’s not as challenging as it sounds; they’re simple tasks that will make your home look presentable and cozy before company arrives. Read on to find out more!

Weekly Cleaning

Start by making a to-do list for your weekly cleaning. Cleaning your house is a lot easier if you break it down into smaller tasks.

For example, clear the dining room, then mop the floor. You can do this every week, and it will make your housekeeping much easier. So, while you’re making your list, don’t forget to include the following.

  • Wipe down kitchen counters and appliances
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Dust and wipe down tables, shelves, and other surfaces that need cleaning
  • Wash the dishes

12 Days Of Holiday Home Cleaning

Once you’ve completed your weekly cleaning, it’s time to focus on the holiday cleaning. You’ve got 12 days to get your house looking and smelling festive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning required, don’t panic! These 12 days of cleaning can be broken down into simple, manageable tasks.

  • Day 1: Wipe down the surfaces.
    •  Wipe down all the surfaces in your house that are likely to be touched by guests. This includes door handles, light switches, tabletops, bathroom and kitchen counters, shelves, and so on. If you have time, you can also vacuum the floors.
  • Day 2: Make bedspreads and pillowcases fresh and clean.
    • Put bedspreads and pillowcases through the wash to remove dust and any stains.
  • Day 3: Clean the bathroom.
    • Clean the sink, bathtub, toilet, and shower, if you’re feeling energetic – clean the under the sink clutter we all try to ignore.
  • Day 4: Clean the kitchen.
    • Clean the kitchen and dining room. Prep any china that you plan to use for the holidays, get out your festive table cloth, etc.
  • Day 5: Clean the living room.
    • Really clean the living room. Dust under the couch, sweep away any stray pine needles, make sure there’s no excess clutter. This room will see the most action during the holiday season, better make sure it’s ready for St. Nick!
  • Day 6: Clean the bedrooms.
    • Put your beds and bedding through the wash. Have any linens ready for holiday guests.
  • Day 7: Clean the Basement.
    • Cleaning the basement and garage. Don’t go too crazy here, just make sure that the clutter is stored away and that it’s clean enough to not bother you throughout the season.
  • Day 8: Switch out light bulbs.
    • Switch out light bulbs in rooms that guests will likely visit, like the stairwell and bedrooms.
  • Day 9: Dust and vacuum.
    • One of the best finishing touches of any deep clean is to dust and vacuum EVERYwhere. Pro-tip: dust first, vacuum second.
  • Day 10: Put out decorations.
    • Put out decorations like decorations, garlands, stockings, and lights.
  • Day 11: Mop the floors.
    • Mop the floors as the last thing you do before guests arrive. If you have kids, you may want to schedule this for a different day so you’re not running back and forth with a mop and bucket when you’re trying to corral them.
  • Day 12: Make time to rest and enjoy the holidays.
    • It’s time to enjoy your nice clean home!

Windows And Mirrors

Clean your windows and mirrors. This will make your home look brighter, and you can use the same cloth to clean both windows and mirrors. Cleaning your windows inside and out will help to keep your home germ-free.

If you use a squeegee to clean your windows, be sure to wash it regularly. If your windows have a lot of stains, you can use a solution of warm water and white vinegar to remove them. Be careful when using vinegar around plants, as it can be harmful to them. You can also use lemon juice if vinegar is too strong.

Dining Room

Your dining room is likely to be the center of activity for your guests. To make this room sparkle, start by taking out the table and chairs. Wipe down the table, chairs, and cabinets. If you have a carpeted floor, vacuum it thoroughly. If you have a hardwood floor, use a damp mop to clean it.

Next, clean the cabinets and clean the table by scrubbing off all the dirt and grime. You can use a mix of water and vinegar to wipe down the table, if necessary.

Living Room

You want your living room to look neat and tidy, but you don’t want it to look like you’re hosting a house full of stuff. The trick is to keep only those items that are absolutely necessary in the room. Wipe down the tables and shelves, and put the newspapers and books in neatly folded piles. Organize your kids’ toys and games, and clean the floor.


Your bedrooms are the rooms that guests are unlikely to visit, so you can leave cleaning them until last. Make your bed, and tidy up your bedside tables and nightstands. If you have time, you can also vacuum the floor and put away any tchotchkes that are lying around.


Your guests are likely to visit the bathroom at one point or another during their visit. You want the room to look clean and tidy, but you also don’t want to spend a lot of time scrubbing it. Wipe the sink and toilet with a disinfectant wipe, and clean the bathtub with a mold-killing spray. 

If you have time, you can also put your toilet paper roll on a toilet paper caddy and put away any grooming products.

Don’t Forget The Basement And Garage!

If your basement and garage are not in tip-top shape, now is the time to tackle them. You don’t want these places to fill up with junk before your guests arrive, so start by sorting through everything that’s down there. 

Throw away or donate anything that’s not needed, and put everything else in a bin. You can use these bins to store toys and other items that belong in the living room.

Get Professional Cleaning 

If you’ve followed all the steps and you’re still feeling overwhelmed, the best thing to do is to hire a professional cleaning service like QB Cleaning Service. A cleaning company can easily take care of all the tasks we’ve mentioned above in a matter of hours.

Even if you plan to do all the cleaning yourself, it’s a good idea to book a cleaning company a few days before your guests arrive so they have enough time to get everything done. A cleaning company can be used to clean before any holiday. 

Whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, or Easter, hiring a cleaning company will make sure your home is prepared for the celebrations.

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