Do you Have to Clean When you are the Host of an Airbnb?

Do you Have to Clean When you are the Host of an Airbnb?


Do you Have to Clean When you are the Host of an Airbnb? Being an owner of an Airbnb is a great way to generate income. Many people even own multiple units they rent out for vacation rentals. These rentals are held to high standards and guest want 5-star service and quality.

Cleanliness is one of the top topics guests will leave feedback on. Airbnb allows host to charge their guest a cleaning fee, and if the rental continuously gets low ratings on the cleanliness, there are penalties for the host.


What is involved in running an Airbnb?

Having a clean and clutter free rental is only one part of being an Airbnb host. There are many other responsibilities as well, that take up a lot of the host’s time.

The question often arises, do YOU have to be the one to clean as a host? There are ways to delegate the duties, guaranteeing your property is always in tip top shape.


Hire a Professional Cleaning Company to Clean Between Guest Stays

Find a maid service company, like Queen Bee Cleaning Services for Airbnb, who are trained to work quickly and thoroughly between one guest leaving and another arriving. The company should be able to turn the property over fully, therefore ask if they provide:

  1. Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  2. Wiping down countertops and other surfaces
  3. Cleaning the bathroom including toilets, tubs/showers and sinks
  4. Stripping and remaking bed
  5. Cleaning and putting away dishes
  6. Sweeping and/or mopping
  7. Taking out trash
  8. Reporting to host on supplies that might be low or replenishing supplies


Schedule Sporadic Deep Cleanings

In addition to turn over cleanings, your maid service should also be able to do periodic deep cleanings throughout the year. As a host, you can choose how often you want the deep cleaning but the maid service should be focused on:

  1. Wiping down baseboards and inside cabinets
  2. Cleaning inside and out of fridge
  3. Shampooing carpets and rugs
  4. Cleaning out any appliances that need it (ie. Microwave, stove,etc)

It is beneficial to have the same cleaning company do both types of cleaning. They will know your property and requirements best.

Do you Have to Clean When you are the Host of an Airbnb?

Schedule Cleanings Online

Having a vacation rental can be fun, but also hectic. Take the stress of having to remember when to schedule turnover and deep cleanings every time they are needed. A reliable, trained Airbnb cleaning company should provide software or a system in which host can easily schedule automated cleanings.


Cleaning Supplies Used

While it may not bother everyone, a lot of cleaning supplies can leave behind a strong, chemical odor. This can bother guests, giving them a bad first impression when they walk in, and setting the mood for their stay. Be sure to inquire about what cleaning supplies your maid company is using when doing turnover and deep cleanings.

Here at Queen Bee Cleaning Service we use non-toxic cleaning products and high-quality supplies. They are safe for your guests and their families. And are sure to give off that deep clean feel, without heavy smells, when they walk in.


Outsourcing your cleaning responsibilities as an Airbnb host to a trusted maid service will save you time and help keep your high quality ratings. Take the time to research Airbnb cleaning services in your area. If you are in the Seattle area, please check out Queen Bee Cleaning Service to get your cleaning schedule automated.

We are proud to serve Renton, Lynwood, Seattle, Kirkland and many other areas. To see if we service your Airbnb location give us a call at 425-786-1360.


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