Deep vs Regular Cleaning: Differences

After a long week of work, you’ll want nothing more than to come home to a clean space, one where you can relax and enjoy without thinking about anything else. Given your busy schedule, however, the reality may be clutter, stains, and a mountain of dishes. With that, you don your cleaning gloves and set to work—only to remain with a rather dusty home.

You’ve likely only engaged in regular cleaning, which is far from a deep cleaning session. Not quite sure how it works? Fret not, we’ve curated this quick and easy guide for you. Learn the differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning:

Regular Cleaning 

Regular cleaning sounds exactly like it entails. It’s a set of cleaning tasks performed routinely, earning it the separate name of “domestic cleaning”. This ensures that your home remains on a good level of cleanliness, and should encompass the following activities:

  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning the bathroom, which includes scrubbing the bath, tiles, sink, and toilet 
  • Decluttering and tidying up
  • Cleaning the kitchen, including cupboards, work surfaces, and appliances 


Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, requires a little more leg work. This pertains to cleaning out all the deep grime and dirt that have accumulated in your spaces, especially the nooks and crannies overlooked by your regular cleaning sessions. Such cleaning activities include the following:

  • Cleaning behind appliances, such as the oven, washing machine, and even dishwasher. These areas likely have grime build-up, which needs to be thoroughly cleaned with the right chemicals and solutions
  • Areas under the sink
  • Inside the oven and wiping down the oven door glass
  • Washing and wiping the window panels and frame, including the blinds or curtains
  • Washing and wiping the doors
  • A deep dusting session of all corners, especially in areas where cobwebs have already formed
  • Removing grime build-up on tiles and other areas of the bathroom, including showerheads and faucets

When Should I Get a Deep Cleaning?

Thankfully, you don’t always need to deep clean. It’s only for extreme cases, such as when you’re moving out, moving in, or going through a change of seasons. Deep cleaning essentially allows you to gain a fresh start, all without worrying about the dirt and grime that could be lurking around—especially after going through a rather difficult winter. Deep cleaning can also be helpful for when you have guests coming over, ensuring that no gunk or grease is left behind your kitchen, bathroom, and other high-traffic areas. 

Should I Get a Professional Cleaning Service?

When it comes to deep cleaning, it’s best to invest in professional services. More often than not, this is where most homeowners understand the importance of a good deep cleaning session. A cleaning service helps make your space sparkly clean, which goes beyond just the accumulation of dust and particles. Your regular cleaning can come after, which should support the results of the deep cleaning service.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning is an important part of your routine. It keeps your home a safe space, one where you can unwind and relax after a long day. Keep in mind that a clean home can also affect your health, making it important to partake in regular cleaning. Should it be deemed necessary, make sure to enlist the help of professional cleaners for a deep cleaning session as well.

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