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April 9, 2019

What's Your Parenting Style: Parenting Style Quiz

Everyone has a different parenting style. There is no right and wrong way to parent your children. However, the way that you parent your children does say a lot about the type of relationship you’re creating with your kids.

There’s no denying that parenting is difficult. These days, there are copious amounts of resources that are telling you what to do and when to do it. In our opinion, as long as you’re trying to be the best parent that you can be, you’re doing a great job!

Holding Kids


On the other hand, determining your parenting style can help you set up boundaries and routines with your kids. These styles act as great guidelines to help you navigate the parenting minefield.

Take our parenting style quiz to find out which style best describes you. Try answering the questions as openly and honestly as possible. After all, the results will only benefit you if answered truthfully.

Take the Parenting Style Quiz


This quiz has been designed to put in place real-life scenarios. From the types of discipline to general parenting mantras, you will have to choose answers that best suit your situation. By the end of this quiz, you will receive an overview of which parenting style is a match.

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What are the Parenting Styles?

The quiz takes into consideration the 4 types of parents: authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, or neglectful. These parenting types make up what we know as Baurmrind Parenting Styles.

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Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting can be considered as combining the best of both worlds - being a loving parent yet implementing boundaries. These types of parents set limits and boundaries but reciprocate with positive reinforcements. Many studies and psychologists suggest that authoritative parenting is the best style amongst the Baumrind Parenting Styles.

Parents will often use a more open approach to parenting with this style. They will set up boundaries and rules but open them up for discussion. Using reasoning, these boundaries are reinforced. The main difference is that along with these boundaries comes a strong sense of support and encouragements.

Kids benefit most from this style. Studies have shown that children appear to be happier, more independent and have better social skills.

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Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is common amongst parents who have high expectations from their kids yet offer little nurturance. This parenting style is characterized by its overall theme of demanding a high level of input but providing harsh feedback.

What may seem like “tough love”, can have a few effects on your child’s development. Kids who grow up with authoritarian parents tend to have lower self-esteem and struggle in relationships.

Indulgent Parenting

Indulgent parents are known to be those who are more lenient and non-directive when it comes to their kids. There are very little rules and boundaries to follow in this parenting style. Often, parents may want to overcompensate with the warmth and indulgence when it comes to their kids. You may even consider indulgent parents the opposite of the “helicopter parent”.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to shower your children with warmth and love, problems may arise in behavioral habits. Children who have indulgent parents may face issues with self-control and self-regulation.

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Neglectful Parenting

Neglectful or uninvolved parents may notice a sense of emotional disconnect from their children. This style is based around the general lack of responsiveness to their children’s needs. Uninvolved parents tend to not expect much from their kids or demand very little.

In an overview, neglectful parenting sees parents catering to their children’s basics. These basics are considered to be shelter and food. From there, the extent of neglect can vary. Some parents may be hands-off but still implement firm rules while others offer the bare minimum in basic needs as well as affection.

The impact of neglectful parenting can lead to a number of negative experiences for children. Children may become more anxious, delinquent and withdrawn. Studies have shown that in some cases, these kids have gone on to suffer from substance abuse.

Taking a parenting style quiz is a quick and easy way to identify who you are as a parent. Based on your results, you can try to tweak your style to provide the very best for your kids.


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