8 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes, your definition of clean is far from an actual healthy standard. You may not know it, but you may be scattering more dirt around the house with your efforts. When you take on the burden of cleaning your home on your own, certain practices may have been counterproductive all this time. 

Read on for some of the most common cleaning mistakes you should avoid—time to match what clean means.

Mistake #1: Cleaning Out of Order 

Always start from the top. You must clean the ceiling and anything attached to it, such as curtains and other hanging items, before moving to the walls and the floor. Through this process, you work along with gravity, and you will only have to sweep the settled dust on the floor once.

Mistake #2: Mixing Different Chemicals

Commercial cleaning materials are perfectly safe to use, but they can be dangerous when mixed with other substances. Always read the warnings and only use them for what they are intended for. For example, mixing ammonia and bleach is hazardous. The resulting fumes are toxic once inhaled.

For maximum efficiency, always use tools and chemicals which are suitable for the job. Toilet cleaners should only be used for the toilet, while mild detergent should be used on your furnishings. Following manufacturer instructions will keep you, your family, and your house safe at all times!

Mistake #3: Rushing While Cleaning

Most commercial cleaners have a prescribed sitting time for them to work as intended. Do not rush the process, or you’ll end up with a dirty house and wasted resources. Be patient and let your cleaning materials do the dirty work.

Mistake #4: Decluttering While Cleaning

Adding and removing things during your cleaning routine will surely make the process much more confusing. It’s best to declutter first to have a better working area and to visualize more easily. Once everything is put away, you can get to cleaning.

Mistake #5: Using One Cleaning Cloth on Different Areas

Use separate cleaning cloths in different rooms to avoid spreading dirt. The same concept goes for some soaps being non-compatible with specialized items like chopping boards and dinner plates. Use a suitable cleaner to prevent cross-contamination.

Mistake #6: Cleaning Glass Windows in the Sunshine

A cloudy day will help you spot scratches and grey spots on your windows, so it’s best to schedule cleaning when it’s a bit gloomy outside. Sunny days are great, but the glare will make it hard for you to see imperfections on the glass.

Mistake #7: Poor Maintenance for Cleaning Tools

After having a go with your cleaning equipment, take the time to clean them off as well. This will prevent your tools from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria that can spread diseases to your family. This also makes the equipment more usable since regular maintenance prevents odor build-up, mold, and other types of damage.

Mistake #8: No Regular Cleaning Schedule

It is not wise to counter long-time accumulated dirt by a deep clean. It makes the task arduous and needlessly difficult. Instead, clean the house in regular intervals. This prevents the build-up of hard-to-remove dirt, and more importantly, it ensures the health and safety of everyone at home!


If you really think about it, the corrections to these mistakes are simply common sense. It’s just that you got so used to cleaning your home in the wrong way all these years. With these common mistakes pointed out and corrected, you would think through your cleaning process and apply the correct ways of cleaning your home from now on.

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