Efficiency in Your Cleaning Business

If you run a cleaning business, you might have a new to-do list even before you check everything in the last one. From ordering inventory and handling finances to managing employees and tracking new business leads, everything needs your attention and business expertise. And each one of these activities influences the success of your janitorial business.

In this article, you can read some cleaning business management tips that would keep your employees productive, the costs low, and the services top-notch.

  1. Show Trust in Your Employees:

An employee who is micro-managed, not assigned significant responsibilities, and consistently reminded of their mistakes can never feel motivated to do great work. Therefore, to boost employee productivity, show them that their potential is valued and that their work is appreciated. This would increase their dedication to your company and encourage them to stay motivated and consistently perform well.

  1. Help Employees Understand the Importance of Setting Priorities:

Every business, including the cleaning businesses, requires a clear goal and priority setting. But it’s useful only if employees stay consistent.

To help them prioritize and achieve their goals, communicate the importance of accountability. Initially, you can assign 5 to 10 tasks to each employee that they would be accountable for throughout the month. Soon, this will become a habit, and they will need lesser and lesser assistance in goal setting and priority management, which would give them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, resulting in increased efficiency.

  1. Understand Your Numbers:

Profit isn’t just influenced by the increase in revenue; it is also dependent on how effectively you prevent waste. Similarly, one of the most important steps in cleaning business management is preventing waste by calculating and increasing employee productivity.

Don’t base productivity on estimates. Instead, measure it in hard numbers by auditing each employee’s workload as per the clients assigned. Make sure to input factors, such as square footage and man-hours. It would help you understand how many man-hours your clients must pay for.

  1. Know Your Niche:

If you try to do everything at once and target all types of clients, you will soon start struggling. So, find out what it is that your team does best and focus only on that. Once you have a clear vision for your cleaning business, you will be able to consistently improve your services.

This would also save you the unnecessary costs of resources and equipment. For example, if you’re more focused on home cleaning and get industrial cleaning projects only once or twice a month, you need not invest in commercial-grade cleaning material.

  1. Upgrade Your Tools:

It’s the 21st-century and time to upgrade your cleaning business management processes if you still rely on paper receipts, spreadsheets, printed invoices, etc.

Invest in a house cleaning software that would help you digitize your entire process, including:

  • Handling orders
  • Scheduling employees for projects
  • Ordering inventory
  • Reviewing and managing budget
  • Completing inspections
  • Printing invoices
  • Managing client records
  • Handing employee data and performance reports

Your time and effort will be saved. Moreover, your cleaning business will be more streamlined.

  1. Upgrade as Per the Future:

People today are more environment-conscious than ever. So, upgrade your products and services to become more planet-friendly and attract the right clients.For example, instead of using harsh chemical-based floor cleaners, choose sustainable alternatives. You can also make sure your staff produces the least waste. Start with researching how to reduce carbon footprint in cleaning businesses to ensure that your efforts are effective enough. Every small initiative will help you stand out in the market.


  1. Train Your Staff :

Believe it or not, cleaning requires passion. It is a job where attention to detail matters more than anything else. So, every time you hire a new employee, make sure they are trained up to your company’s standards. Invest in professional training so that your new hires can understand the intricacies.

Moreover, whenever you notice an extraordinary performer, make them share their approach and ideas with the rest of the team so that everyone’s on the same page and delivers amazing results. Your team must be able to understand your vision of delivering quality work and resonate with it.


The success of a cleaning business majorly depends on its quality of service. So, follow all the tips above, and at the same time, make sure you exceed your own quality standards. Nothing will stop you from staying in demand.

Author Bio:

Akhil Rajan is a Customer Success Specialist at Zuper, an intelligent workforce management platform for service-oriented businesses. Working with customers on a daily basis, he has a deep understanding of their needs and pain points and so he is able to contribute to the marketing strategies for Zuper with the content he writes. He writes on topics like how to increase workforce utilization, how to reduce the service turnaround time and increase workforce efficiency, customer adoption, cost reduction strategies, etc – to name a few. He is often found buried in books or playing chess in his free time.

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