5 Places You Most Likely Forget About

Keeping your home safe isn’t just about reinforcing your doors and windows; it’s also about maintaining a neat indoor environment. Germs and bacteria can quickly accumulate over time, especially under the right weather conditions. If you’re not careful, that missed spot can lead to dangerous health hazards in the future.

Double-Checking Your Home’s Nooks and Crannies

Every homeowner needs to clean their home carefully to maintain its pristine look. Common cleaning areas include the underside of furniture, flooring, and even the walls. However, these aren’t the only areas you should give attention to.

If you think you’ve cleaned every nook and corner of your home, here are five places you might want to double-check:

  1. Baseboards

Baseboards are the leading culprits of dust build-up, especially since most homeowners think they’ve already cleaned their floors. People forget to clean them since they’re adjacent to the floor but not directly part of the wall. Even though they have a narrow surface area to build up dust, all your baseboards’ dust will accumulate and lead to complications to your HVAC systems. For this reason, you should always wipe the top end and sides of your baseboards.

  1. Ceiling Fixtures

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to avoid their ceiling, primarily because it’s harder to clean with all the hanging fixtures attached. The uneven shapes of ceiling fans and lightbulbs make it harder just to dust your ceiling. Nevertheless, it’s vital to cover these areas in your cleaning routine to avoid dust from accumulating.

When planning which areas to clean in your home, it’s essential to start with your ceiling areas first. This prevents you from cleaning your flooring again when dust falls from above. Make sure to wear goggles or a facemask to avoid inhaling dust as you wipe off different ceiling fixtures.

  1. Vents and Ducts

If you’re constantly using your HVAC system, your vents and ducts will regularly catch dust over time. This will also be more apparent if your filters aren’t cleaned regularly. Be sure to look at vents and check if dust has been accumulating on them for some time.

If you don’t clean your vents and ducts, severe consequences can follow besides poor indoor air quality. With your HVAC systems blocked with dust, they’ll work overtime to reach stable temperature levels. Because of this, you could incur higher electrical bills even without increasing air conditioning output.

  1. Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds can also collect dust over time, even if they don’t have horizontal spaces. Dust can still stick on them despite them not having flat surfaces. If you don’t dust them regularly, they’ll be much harder to clean and will help in spreading dust every time you open your windows.

  1. Plants

Although plants are organic elements in your room, it’s important to consider that they still accumulate dust. Additionally, they can house pests or spiders if you don’t tend to them properly. This is why you should be careful about adding them to your cleaning checklist.


It’s not just private homeowners who benefit from a safe and clean home. Entrepreneurs who own AirBnB establishments also need to maintain a spick-and-span indoors. Unfortunately, these business owners don’t usually have the time to attend to their properties’ deep cleaning. For this reason, they hire professional cleaning experts to give their indoors a thorough dust and scrub.

At Queen Bee Cleaning, we provide professional home cleaning services to cover every surface and corner of your property. Our cleaning experts are thorough in every service and guarantees a safe and clean environment for your household. If you want to live in a spotless home, contact us today!

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