5 Expert Tips for a Deep Clean Home

No one likes cleaning, but having a dirty house is even worse. After all, a clean home is a happy home! While you might know the shortcuts to neaten up your home, do you know how to clean it like a pro?

When cleaning, it’s tempting to do a quick job without getting into the tough spots. It may even be a task that you keep on putting off. However, with these top 5 tips, you’ll be cleaning like an expert in no time.


How to Become a Home Deep Cleaning Expert


1. Do Frequent Light Cleaning

In order to avoid one huge mess, keeping up with some frequent light cleaning will make deep cleaning a breeze. By doing little chores throughout the day, you will keep your house decluttered and stop those dishes from stacking up.

The tasks can vary day to day but the aim is to do them quickly and efficiently. You could look at doing small daily tasks like cleaning the dishes after each meal, emptying your washing hamper and packing away your washing into your wardrobe. Even wiping down your counters will keep the dust away.

Overall, you will soon notice a cleaner home that’s easier to maintain.

An added bonus? These small tasks will help make your deep clean less daunting and less labor intensive.

Folded Laundry


2. Keep a Cleaning Schedule

Areas like your kitchen, bathroom and living room are often used on a daily basis. As a result, they will tend to gather more dirt and grime. That’s why we would recommend looking at cleaning these rooms once or even twice a week.

Having a schedule will allow you to delegate which tasks need to be done when. Some jobs will require weekly or even daily attention while others can be done monthly.

Daily tasks can include:

  • Wiping hard surfaces
  • Washing the dishes
  • Packing away the clutter


    Weekly tasks can include:

  • Scrubbing the toilets
  • Cleaning the bathtub and showers
  • Vacuuming the carpetss

Monthly tasks can include:

  • Organizing your pantry
  • Scrubbing out your oven
  • Emptying and cleaning your cupboards


The most germ-ridden areas can easily become the toughest areas to clean. By creating consistent cleaning habits, you will avoid taking on a larger mess later on. Over time, these small tasks will become your regular home deep cleaning rituals.

Home deep cleaning Bathroom


3. Use the Right Tools

Your home deep cleaning efforts are nothing without the right tools! Some of the products you are using may be obstructing your from becoming a cleaning expert.
For example, feather dusters might look the part but they’re not doing the best job in terms of cleaning. In fact, they tend to move the dust around rather than removing it completely. We would recommend opting for a microfiber duster or cloth instead.
Disinfectants are a must-have for any home. These products will come in handy when you wipe your countertops down and clean up your bathroom. You’ll want to use these products on your higher-traffic areas to reduce the number of germs in the room.


4. Clear the Clutter

Clutter is the number one trouble maker when it comes to messy homes. You may think that clutter can be harmless but the truth is that they tend to gather dust and scruff up your whole house.


Before diving into your deep cleaning tasks, you should always clear your clutter first. By doing so you are swiftly packing up and neatening the space around you. You will also be able to reach the needed surfaces better.
Cleaning up the cutter is a fast way for your house to look sparkling with minimal effort needed.


5. Tackle the Hard Spots

It may be tempting to let the hard spots sit in their dust – out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong! The trick to a good home deep clean is to get to the places that gather the most dust and grime in your house.
Try moving your furniture when you’re vacuuming to ensure that you’re getting the dust that gathers beneath them. For the tougher dust and grease spots, you could try a concoction of baking soda and water to clear it away.
Not only will be extremely satisfying to see the dust and grease wipe away, but it will also make a huge impact on your home deep cleaning efforts.

Home Deep Cleaning Kitchen

There you have it! These 5 tips will have your home sparkling in no time. Remember, the key to a good home deep cleaning is to remain on top of all your chores and to avoid stocking up on clutter.

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