3 Dirtiest Office Spots: Must-Clean

If you asked anyone in the office which parts of the building they think are the dirtiest, most would answer that the washroom is! While that may be the consensus, would it surprise you to know that there are actually much dirtier places than the washroom? In fact, the bathroom may even be one of the cleanest places in your offices. Other things like your office table may be teeming with germs you don’t know are there, and failing to clean these things can lead to health problems that will obstruct productivity.

That being said, if you are hunting down the dirtiest places in the office to clean them up, here are some places to start with:

  1. The Keyboard

If there is one thing in the office that workers constantly touch throughout the day, it would be their keyboards. While it isn’t the dirtiest thing in the office, it is definitely up there! 

Everything, be it dust, dirt, or grime, will find its way to the crevices of the keyboard. This means that you shouldn’t be surprised to find things you wouldn’t normally associate with a keyboard, especially when it comes to the microbial world! 

Fortunately, cleaning the keyboard isn’t too hard. All you need to do is wipe the keyboard down with a good disinfectant, and you’re good to go.

  1. The Doorknobs

Regardless of which doorknobs are in your office, the chances are that they’re all harboring germs. This is because many people touch the doorknob after touching all sorts of things, creating a collection point that allows germs to keep spreading. Plus, with a bunch of people touching it at any given time, that doorknob is only going to get dirtier!

As such, spending the time to hunt down all the doorknobs in your offices to clean, especially the ones at the washroom, is vital to keeping a clean environment. In fact, we recommend cleaning the washroom doorknob at least five times a day.

  1. The Vending Machine

Alas, though the vending machine may seem to be the best friend to any office worker, it can easily be the culprit that causes the next stomachache. While pressing on the buttons to choose a food item, little does the worker know that they were touching germs too!

That’s right, the buttons on the vending machine are notorious for harboring germs—and they’re the last place you want to find germs on. Unfortunately, cleaning this spot isn’t easy, as you can’t clean them as you would other surfaces. However, you can use an antimicrobial resistance screen to reduce the risk of germs growing on them in the first place.


There are so many other things in your offices that are subject to many microorganisms that can easily cause your workers to get sick, from your photocopy machine down to the office desk. As such, creating a comprehensive plan to clean everything essentially in the office at least once is vital to ensure a clean and safe environment to work in. While this might seem like a lot of effort, you save money by not only reducing the rate of sick leaves but ensuring workers remain productive without the worry of catching a cold!

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