How to start cleaning a messy house? – QBC Kirkland Cleaners

How to start cleaning a messy house? – QBC Kirkland Cleaners


We have all been there; life gets in the way, we skip cleaning for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months, and then left with a messy house. When this happens, it can feel overwhelming, not knowing where to start and having to look at the clutter.


A cluttered, messy, dirty home is not the place for rest and relaxation you need when your life is hectic. The next time you feel defeated, use these tips to find motivation and get your messy house clean!



Tip One: Spray or Use Cleaners First


If any cleaners that you use require a waiting period, go ahead and do them first. For example, some toilet cleaners need to sit for a bit. Go ahead and get this out of the way!


Tip Two: Start with the Hardest Room First


You may have heard that saying, “it’s all downhill from here.” Keep that in mind when it comes to cleaning a messy house.

Decide which room is going to take the most work, and start there. Break down what needs to be done into smaller tasks. Start with getting the clutter picked up and put away. Then you can move onto vacuuming, wiping down, dusting, carpet cleaning, and sweeping. As you accomplish these tasks, you will be motivated to tackle the rest of the house.

  • Once you start a room, don’t leave till it’s finished.
  • Have a big trash can with you in every room to throw away trash and clutter.
  • Close off doors when you complete a room. (it will help you feel accomplished)


Tip Three: Quickly Pick Up and Put Clutter Away 


It can be easy to shove clutter in a closet or another room. But in the end, that will create more a mess.


Pick up the clutter in the room as fast as possible, getting everything off the floor. As you are picking things up, sort them into groups. Be sure that everything gets put away into the right place.

  • Have baskets or boxes to put things in if they need to be taken to another room, or attic, etc. 
  • Put everything away correctly the first time! Don’t just throw it under the bed or in another place to deal with later. If things do need to go into a closet, use organizers to decrease clutter.
  • Don’t make multiple trips to the same room, as this wastes time. Take everything with you the first time if you can. 


Tip Four: Make a Plan | How to start cleaning a messy house? – QBC Kirkland Cleaners

How to start cleaning a messy house? – QBC Kirkland Cleaners

You have completed cleaning your messy house! Congratulations! But are you asking yourself, “how can I keep it this way?”. Creating a simple plan that is flexible and accommodating to your life is the answer.


A plan can look different for everyone’s home, but sticking to yours will help messes not get out of control, even when life gets busy.

  • Prioritize time-sensitive chores. For example, Laundry will always need to be done regularly to make sure your family has clean clothes. 
  • Have a checklist of simple tasks that can be done in the morning and evening. (Putting dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast, making the beds, clean out backpacks right after school, so clutter doesn’t crowd the countertops.)
  • Make a calendar to do one bigger chore every day. It can be as simple as Mondays are when you vacuum the living room, and Tuesdays are when you wipe down the kitchen counters.


Using these tips can help you clean your messy house. If you are still struggling with keeping up with housework, it is time to outsource a professional for help.

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