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When managing vacation rental homes, outsourcing a professional cleaning service in Seattle allows you to delegate a chore that takes up most of your time (and energy!).

Passing on this portion of the business will help you improve the quality of your evaluations and provide your home with a unique selling point.

Keep in mind that when managing a vacation rental, you'll also have to deal with: 

As a result, delegating this responsibility permits you to be more productive in your management.

You also receive procedures to ensure that the cleanings are done appropriately when you outsource.

All of them are significant advantages for property management and vacation rental cleaning. 


Although you consider yourself a "picky" cleaner, the reality is that this is just another profession. Furthermore, outsourcing cleaning services ensure that you will have a committed workforce.

Obtaining Professional Results From A Service

Taking into account that seasoned vacation house cleaners in Seattle will have: 

All of these will be reflected in your property's guest experience. Remember that having positive reviews on booking platforms relies heavily on the cleanliness of your vacation rental.

Eliminated Personnel Costs 

Having a cleaning crew on duty also results in many additional costs, such as: 

The best thing about outsourcing cleaning by the number of hours, days, or even service is that you may hire specialists when you need them.

You won't have to pay any of the above-mentioned additional costs because your company will care for them.

Why Should You Hire A Cleaning Service? 

As already stated, outsourcing a cleaning service allows you to save money. Moreover, you will not only save money on the costs of having cleaning employees on your payroll.

There are also some additional areas where you can save money:

The cleaning business is experienced, and with their assistance, you will avoid squandering money on useless equipment or products.

Cleaning firms commonly combine laundry service with the rental of sheets and towels, resulting in significant cost savings in purchasing, logistics, and warehousing and significant time savings in the stock calculation.


It's something that's been spoken about for a long time as we try to change people's minds about short-term rentals. Keeping up with the hotel industry requires professionalization. You get a competitive edge by professionalizing your properties, impacting your reservations, and positioning in reservation engines.

What are the benefits of professionalizing your property? Why might outsourcing cleaning services be a good idea for you? 

Professionalizing your management allows you to meet the high standards that your customers have come to expect. Increase your portfolio of tourist flats by attracting more owners with ease, letting your good reputation speak for itself.


Any growing company would benefit from outsourcing vacation rental cleaning. While outsourcing will save you time, don't be scared to delegate even more! If you opt to outsource your operations to professional cleaning and maintenance services, inquire about the kind of services, their demonstrated experience, internet reviews and testimonials, and references.

Cleaning your vacation rental each time you book a room might be tedious, but hiring reputable vacation house cleaners in Seattle allows you to relax and concentrate on the more important aspects of your business. Contact Queen Bee Cleaning Services today!

How To Train And Build Your Airbnb Cleaning Team Bellevue WA

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