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Cleaning your house is crucial, but what if you don’t have the time to do it? Next thing you know, your home is in shambles! The best thing to do here is to keep things under control. Here are some signs that it’s time to hire cleaning services:

You Can't Keep Up With Daily Cleaning Tasks

When you find yourself overly busy with your life, and you just can’t find the time to do the daily cleaning tasks, it’s time to call your cleaning services. The problem with not hiring a cleaner is that you’d soon be overwhelmed. You’d find yourself doing everything in one day. 

Your Closets and Cabinets are Packed

If you have to dig through stacks and piles of clothing, accessories, or junk to find something, then it’s time to hire a cleaner. You’d also find yourself wearing the same clothes repeatedly because you don’t want to deal with the mess!

You Can't Have Visitors Over

If your home is very dirty and cluttered, you’d understand why it’s hard to have people over. Not only is it uncomfortable for you, but also for them. Imagine hosting a dinner party, and your guests are afraid to sit on your couch because it’s covered in crumbs? The thought of it is cringe-worthy, isn’t it?

You're Stressed Out Because of the Mess

If you find yourself irritated and stressed because of your clutter, you’ve probably hit your limit. Stress can take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being, so you’d want to hammer down those feelings. Don’t worry, because the solution is to hire a cleaner.

You Don't Have the Extra Time

If you always rush to get everything done, you’d want to get a cleaner. It’s important to remember that being busy is a part of life. That doesn’t mean you can’t slow down. Simply make a plan with your cleaner so that you’re getting the most out of your time with them. Here are some tips to make the most out of your time with your cleaner.

You Can't Handle Cleaning the House Physically

If you find yourself lacking the energy and the physical strength to clean your house, it’s a sign that it’s time to seek professional assistance. Cleaning is physically demanding, especially if you’re trying to clean in a short amount of time. You’d find yourself sore and stiff, which is something you want to avoid.

You Want to Give Yourself a Break

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a break from cleaning. You deserve one! If you feel unmotivated to clean, it’s likely that you’ve hit your limit. Give yourself a break and hire a cleaner. The stress will soon fade away.

Hire Cleaning Services Today

As you can see, there are a lot of common reasons to hire a cleaning service. It’s a lot of work to clean your house, so you’d want to do it properly. Not only that, but it’s also very stressful and time-consuming. That’s why you’d want to hire a professional cleaning service. 

Queen Bee Cleaning Services is a reliable cleaning company in Seattle. Let us take care of keeping your home clean while you do you. Schedule an appointment now.

How Often Should You Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned?

Job, social, and family duties can be tough to balance in today's fast-paced society. Finding the time to clean your home regularly can be challenging and demanding.

Hiring a home cleaning service can provide a convenient solution when you can't or don't want to take the time to do housework. Although it may seem like a straightforward service, several factors decide how often you should have your home professionally cleaned. 

What Are the Factors to Consider in Deciding How Often You Should Get Professional Cleaning in Your Home? 

1. How Messy Is Your Home?

A weekly cleaning schedule is probably best if you live in a messy house. If your home is in decent shape, you can clean it every two or three weeks. However, if you want a more thorough cleaning, you may need to schedule your home cleaning more frequently.

Moreover, if you have pets, you will have to clean up after them. If you let your cats and dogs sleep on your beds and upholstery, their fur will become embedded in your fabrics. A professional cleaning service can take care of your pets' hair more efficiently than you can.

2. How Often Are You at Home?

If you are a full-time homemaker, the frequency of your home cleaning service doesn't matter as much. However, if your work setting is outside of your home, you might want your house cleaned more than once a week. 

3. How Long It Takes You to Clean Your Home?

If you have enough spare time to clean your home, you might want to do your housework. But, hiring a professional cleaning service is excellent if you are pressed for time or don't want to clean your home.

For instance, vacuuming can take from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your home's floor plan. Whether you are using a vacuum or a broom and a mop, you will find the process to be more time-consuming than you anticipate. 

4. Do You Have Environmental Sensitivities?

If you have severe allergies or live in a location where the climate is adverse, you will probably want a professional cleaning service to come to your home. 

With a skilled housekeeper, you can ensure that your home stays clean and healthy. Since most professional cleaning services don't use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, you don't have to worry about your family's well-being. 

5. How Much Do You Want to Spend?

The frequency of your cleaning service will rest on how much you are willing to spend. Professional cleaning services are generally affordable, but they can vary with the size of your home and the frequency of your cleaning service. 

What Are the Advantages of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned?

There are several advantages to having a professional cleaning service come to your home. 

First, you can spend more time with your family members or pay attention to your work.

Secondly, you can have a place where dirt, grime, and germs don't build up. A home cleaning service thoroughly cleans your furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings.

Most importantly, it reduces your stress level. Because staying on top of your chores can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large household with pets. A professional service can be the key to a less stressful life.


Overall, the frequency of your home cleaning service will rest on your individual needs. Before you schedule your house cleaning, you should consider how long it takes you to clean your home, how messy your home is, whether or not you have environmental sensitivities, and how much you are willing to spend.

Do you require the best house cleaners in Seattle? Trust Queen Bee Cleaning Services. We provide excellent house cleaning, thorough cleaning, carpet cleaning, and many other services. Schedule your cleaning service!

Airbnb is an online platform that connects people who have living spaces with those looking for accommodations in a certain locale. It allows homeowners to earn extra money by renting out their unused guest room, apartment, or space to willing occupants for a short time.

If you’re an Airbnb host, you know that you earn more money if more people rent out your place. But to get guests to notice and trust you and your property, your average review rating must be high—five-star review high.

To get five-star Airbnb ratings, you have to be honest with your space’s description, provide a good overall experience, hire a professional Airbnb cleaning service to clean your property, and build rapport with your guests. 

Be Honest with Your Space’s Description

When deciding on a property to rent, people often look at the place’s pictures, descriptions, and reviews. It’s easy to write a description and take photos at angles that can entice a potential guest’s attention, but the material you put out needs to match the space.

Highlighting the best features of your room, unit, or house is a must. You can write about your soft bed and the shower with strong water pressure. But you also have to talk about the less desirable parts like the smaller closet space or the ten-minute walk to the nearest bus stop.

In capturing photos, you might want to consider taking a panoramic shot of the space. It can help your guests get a better understanding of the room’s dimensions.

When you’re honest with your descriptions and upload accurate pictures, your guests know exactly what they’re getting. They won’t feel misinformed and would have a more positive experience because they know what to expect. 

Provide Good Overall Experience

Overall experience is the culmination of a guest’s time while they are renting your place. To ensure that they will have a great one, make sure that everything is tidy, functions properly, and is similar to the description of your Airbnb listing.

At the very least, guests look for: comfortable sleeping arrangements, freshly changed linens (when applicable), and clean rooms. Throw in free Wi-Fi access and coffee station essentials in the mix, and guests will be overjoyed. Remember, the more creature comforts you can provide, the better the experience, the higher your rating.

Hire a Professional Airbnb Cleaning Service

Part of providing an unforgettable experience for your guests is making sure that your property is spotless. You can get a sponge and a bucket and start cleaning, but nothing beats a professional Airbnb cleaning service when it comes to guaranteeing that your home is occupant-ready.

Professional cleaners have the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to make a property look great and smell fresh. Some companies will even offer to restock your kitchen and bathroom for you.

Besides, guests can often be nit-picky when cleanliness is their main concern. With the right cleaning company, you’ll never have to worry about your Airbnb’s cleanliness ever again.  

Build Rapport with Your Guests

Airbnb reviews are not only about the property. Most feedback includes the host and their character as well. It means that building a good rapport with your guests pays off.

You don’t have to go as far as fetching guests from the airport or bus stop (although some will). Instead, you can leave them a lovely note welcoming them to your property and wishing them a great stay. You can also give them a welcome package with tea, coffee, or snacks if you like.

However, if you’re remotely managing a property, you can send guests messages before, during, and after their stay. You can wish them a good journey, welcome, and a thank you. That way, you’re still connecting with your guests even if you’re not physically present.


It isn’t impossible for any Airbnb owner to get five-star reviews on Airbnb. If you’re honest about your space, provide a good overall experience, hire a professional cleaner to clean your home, and build rapport with your guest, then a five-star rating is in your future.

Are you looking for a reliable Airbnb cleaning service in Seattle? Then Queen Bee Cleaning Services has got you covered! We offer cleaning solutions for residential and commercial establishments. Contact us for a free quote today!


Airbnbs and other short-term vacation rental properties provide people a new means to earn money by accepting guests in their homes. Airbnb, which was founded in 2008, has been continuously growing, and now there are over 6 million listings in at least 191 countries. The number of guest arrivals has surpassed 500 million. To say that it’s a thriving industry is an understatement.

But what that also means for you as an Airbnb host is that the competition is tough. You need to stand out from hundreds or even thousands of listings in your areas, and having excellent reviews and getting references are crucial to that. The only way people will leave positive comments about your listing is if they had the best possible experience in your Airbnb.

To help you nail your Airbnb gaming, here are five tips on how you can be the best Airbnb host there is:

Tip #1: Personalize It

You can make all the difference by simply having personal interaction with the guests. From the moment they inquire about your Airbnb, you can already make them feel welcome. Make them feel comfortable to ask any questions they might have. Once they book, ask them if they have any special requests that you can perhaps help them with. For instance, if you do offer food as one of the amenities, you can find out if any of your guests are on a special diet and make sure there’s something for them to enjoy.

Tip #2: Make the Guests Feel at Home

As much as possible, you want to make your guests feel at home in your Airbnb. That means keeping family photos, trophies, and other personal items hidden. The guests should not feel like they need to tiptoe around a house that belongs to someone else.

Tip #3: Keep the Guests Informed

Provide your guests with as much information as you can before and even during their stay. This will ensure that they have a smooth experience. For instance, you should provide them with a copy of your house rules and check-in and -out reminders. Also, if there’s any equipment they might want to use, leave copies of the instructions. Do provide contact information for anything they might need, too.

Tip #4: Go Beyond What’s Expected

What makes a great host is not only the condition of the house but the service that’s provided. When it comes to rentals like Airbnb, there’s a bare minimum that guests expect - clean towels, nice sheets, functional appliances. You can go beyond that, however, through simple things. For example, provide them with luxurious towels and sheets as well as high-end toiletries. You can greet them with a basket of local delicacies, too. These may seem like little things, but they do add up to make for an exceptional experience.

Tip #5: Make Sure the House Is Clean and Disinfected

Now, more than ever, cleanliness and safety are of utmost importance. Aside from your regular cleaning routine, you should ensure to get deep cleaning services from a team of professionals before a new guest arrives. Only then can you be sure that the entire house will be spotless. There should be no sign of previous use. So, the trash bins should be empty, all the toiletries new or refilled, the sheets and the curtains ironed, and more.


As you can see, what can make you the best Airbnb in your area is the quality and level of service you offer your guests. Personalizing your approach, providing them with the information they need, ensuring that they feel at home, going beyond their expectations, and getting professional cleaning services for your house can ensure that guests enjoy their stay. This will also increase your chances of getting positive reviews and referrals.

While it’s up to you to do the other tips, Queen Bee Cleaning can take care of the last one for you. We are a team of professional cleaners who can provide you with thorough vacation rental cleaning in Seattle, Washington. Contact our team today and learn more about our cleaning services!

Are you hosting a vacation rental to make some extra money? If so, one of the tasks you need to stay on top of is to keep your property cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, no one's going to stay at your place simply because it is dirty, and your investment will end up becoming a waste.

That being said, maintaining a property might not be as easy as it looks. While the typical vacuuming and mopping might be activities you already do, there are many sneaky details that you might have missed that can hurt your property.

To ensure your vacation rental property is well-maintained, here are some tips that can help:

  1. The Kitchen

Apart from wiping the countertops clean and mopping the floors till they're stain-free, there are a few other cleaning activities you can do here. For example, one of the most important ones that many people tend to forget to do is to check the appliances. Make sure they're all working, and make sure that they're clean. Failure to do so can lead to issues like a bacteria-swarmed dishwasher or a caked microwave—things you'd never want your guests to see. 

  1. The Bathroom

The bathroom is notorious for its ability to grow mold and harbor bacteria because of its moist environment. If left unchecked, issues like dirty grout, mold-covered walls, and even cobweb-filled cabinets are issues you will face. Before your guests arrive, put your bathroom through with some good cleaning and disinfecting. After you've done cleaning the bathroom, remember to dry the place thoroughly. Keep it well ventilated while drying to ensure everything dries thoroughly, reducing the risk of mold and bacterial growth. Also, don't forget to include essentials like toiletries and hand soap. Even if your guests don't need it, these extras can leave your guests happy and pleased.

  1. The Bedroom

In the bedroom, there aren't too many prominent places to clean apart from perhaps the furniture and the floors. However, the things you absolutely cannot forget to clean are the bedding and bedsheets. The mattresses also need to be cleaned, as they all can house sweat and even blood. These items can also be home to unwanted pests, so cleaning them ensures that your guests can sleep on perfectly clean beds when they finally arrive.

  1. The Living Room

It is easy to quickly give the living room a glance and see that everything is in order, or so you think. Dirt and dust can get behind furniture away from your eyes. For that reason, be thorough when cleaning the living room. Check behind the furniture, look at the corners, and sweep anything that would generally be out of view. Disinfect high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and remote controls. This ensures the living room is thoroughly cleaned, giving your guests excellent first impressions when they enter the property for the first time. Also, this reduces the chances of them running into nasty surprises.


While these activities may seem like a lot to do, trust us to say that it is worth it! These efforts will ensure that when guests first step into the home, that they can sense you've worked hard to offer them a clean, safe, and comfortable environment to live in. As a result, not only are they happy to have rented from you, but your ratings and reviews will be excellent. This will attract many other guests to come rent from you, providing plenty of income that you can use for anything you'd like.

Queen Bee Cleaning Services offers the best house and Airbnb cleaning services in Seattle to meet cleaning needs quickly and professionally. If you are looking for cleaning services for your vacation rental property, get a quote from us today!

Move-in Cleaning: Our Brief Guide to An Efficient Clean

People are often excited about moving to a new home, having a fresh start, and changing a couple of things for the better. While the usual activities involved in this normally include packing all your valuables, cleaning out your old home, and traveling towards your new home to unpack your items again, the most crucial task that a majority of people seem to forget is the move-in cleaning.

Yes, there is still a need to clean your new home, even if the seller had already stated that the home will be cleared before you arrive. Some cleaning processes are best seen in action to ensure that there will be no spots left untouched and there aren’t areas where dust was allowed to linger before you begin unpacking.

Move-in cleaning is exhausting, but it’s a crucial task that comes before the fun part—making your new home your own! Here are our tips on making the cleaning process faster and more efficient:

As with every task or activity, having all your necessary tools within your reach will not only give you a chance to conserve your energy but will also enable you to do the job much faster. It’s a waste of time going back and forth just to get a broom or a cleaning agent that is stored in another room, after all.

When you’re packing up your old home, place all the cleaning supplies you’ll need in a separate box and make sure it’s easy to access. Make sure you have a big bucket, a mop, broom, rags, cleaning solutions, and anything else you deem necessary for the clean.

Even if it’s a new home, you may already have a complete layout of it on the top of your head since you were already able to scout it out before making the purchase. In such a  case, your next step would be to strategize the order by which you will clean the different sections of your house. 

Will you start at the lower levels first, including the kitchen and the bathroom? Or are you going to begin on the upper levels, taking care of the bedroom and the attic? The choice is yours, so as long as you will be able to organize the whole task without taking too long in doing them all.

You will be able to clean faster if you divide the tasks amongst the other family members. Have someone take care of the bedrooms and bathrooms while you focus on the kitchen and the garage downstairs. It is all just a matter of analyzing who knows how to clean their assigned sections and how effective they are with their appointed rooms. Do not hesitate to ask for help, as it will be impossible to clean the whole property with just one person doing it all—especially if you happen to own a new house with multiple floors and large floor space.


Check-in cleaning is one of the most vital tasks when moving to a new home. Before you can even unpack all your valuables, you must first consider tidying up the place so that your items won’t be affected by any dust or dirt that the former occupants may have left behind. 

Preparing your cleaning supplies, planning out the cleaning process for the day, and dividing the tasks amongst your household will not only make the whole cleaning ordeal easier, but it will also allow everyone to accomplish it faster, giving you and your family more time to unpack, assemble and rest afterward.

Even better than handling the clean on your own is hiring a company that handles move-in cleaning services such as Queen Bee Cleaning Services. We are Seattle’s best home and Airbnb cleaning service, and we specialize in house cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, among other things. Book with us today to experience our spotless high-quality services!

The Impact of Carpet Cleaning in Your Home and Workplace

People nowadays place a high value on clean, well-organized homes. Because hygiene is essential to humans, paying close attention to many aspects of cleaning is vital. Dusting and sanitizing spaces at home and in the workplace will not only keep you healthy but also promote a clear, productive mind. 

Carpets are mainstays in many American homes and workspaces. Since they become places that harbor germs, bacteria, and dust, regular deep cleaning is necessary. While deep cleaning may be less frequent if you don’t wear outdoor shoes on your carpet, it is still necessary since feet can get sweaty and filthy throughout the day, producing various bacteria. 

What Are the Benefits You Can Get From Cleaning Your Carpet?

Because of the constant foot interaction, carpets can get dirty and contain microbes that you might be unaware of. Therefore, cleaning your carpet regularly is crucial for overall human health and will reduce the chances of respiratory complications, allergies, and illnesses. Moreover, maintaining the condition of the home and office carpets will increase their lifespan and improve their appearance. 

Here are a few specific ways carpet cleaning impacts your home and workplace:

Stop the Growth of Carpet Mites and Bacteria

Carpet mites, often known as dust mites, are tiny creatures that can only be seen under a microscope. These mites can be present in the air and be inhaled. If you are allergic to dust, you may develop allergies, respiratory difficulties and get ill as a result. Therefore, it’s wise to clean your carpets to prevent any problems.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home and Workplace

Everyone wants to be healthy and for those around them to be healthy. Maintaining your carpets clean improves the air quality in your home and workplace. Bacteria and dust may be found not only on carpets but also in the air. However, this issue will go away if you clean it properly.

Prolong the Carpet’s Lifespan

Keeping your carpets clean guarantees their longevity and resilience. You don't have to give up your precious carpets and have them replaced when they begin to wear down from lack of care. Get the most out of them by maintaining their quality throughout your usage. Proper maintenance and cleaning efforts will prolong their usability and make them appear fresh and clean.

Improve the Overall Health of Residents

The dust and germs in carpets described above do not only cause short-term or immediate harm, but there is also a danger of long-term health effects. Therefore, keeping your home and office carpets in top condition is essential for the overall well-being of people using them.

Carpet cleaning is particularly true if you have children. In their early years, kids—particularly infants—spend a lot of time on the ground. Infants crawl on the carpets, play with their toys, and occasionally sleep on these areas. They sit on the carpet when they are having playdates or even watching a TV show. They are always on the carpet—even if they’re on a playmat or a blanket—and you’ll be helping to keep them in good health by making carpet cleaning part of your home maintenance routine! 

Final Thoughts

Carpet is one of the essential aspects of home design, and it is one of the first things purchased while constructing a home. Cleaning a vital element of the décor is also essential. Carpets, on which you constantly touch your feet, contain numerous microorganisms, both known and unknown to us, such as bacteria and mites. Keeping it pristine can keep these bacteria from spreading.

Protect your loved ones from any possible health risk by keeping your carpet in top shape! Get help from professionals to keep it pristine. At Queen Bee cleaning service, we provide the best carpet cleaning and other services in Seattle. Book our service today and get $30 off on your first clean!  

Running a business can be both challenging and rewarding. It takes many moving parts to ensure that you’re making a profit and growing your business. That can cause a lot of stress on both you and your team.

All that said, there’s another crucial element to running a successful business that can often be overlooked: cleanliness. Whatever you’re in retail, food, or something else, your store’s cleanliness is essential. 

It is indicative of the way you run business just as much as anything else. Most of the time, a cleaning company is a surefire way of maintaining your store’s appearance and hygiene. 

But whom do you hire with so many options to choose from? Here are a few tips for finding the best fit:

Do Your Research

Of course, before you do anything, find a few cleaning companies to look into. Once you’ve shortlisted two or three, it’s time to dig deeper. Check their history, experience, and company profile. It might be best to hire a company with a least three years of experience—however, that’s not to say new companies shouldn’t get a chance. After all, this depends on your needs and which company speaks to you the most. 

Aside from their experience, reviews and referrals will tell you how good and reliable a company is. Make sure to look for feedback and read through at least a couple, or at least until you’re convinced they have the experience and the proof to back it up.

Check for Proof of Liability Insurance

Once you’ve chosen a company, it’s time to make sure it’s legit. Commercial cleaning services should have standard licenses and insurance for their cleaners. Without those, you might be taking an unnecessary risk by hiring them. 

Ask the company beforehand if all their crew’s insurances are covered. This is as much for your security as it is for your peace of mind.

Know the Exact Cost

Not all cleaning companies can give an accurate estimate right away. It all depends on their terms of service. It’s just a matter of ensuring that you’re paying more than you expect. Most cleaning companies offer a free online estimate to give you an idea of what you’ll be spending. Others can come to your business for an inspection before giving you an estimate.

However, it is also important to know whether their estimate is binding or non-binding. A non-binding estimate means that the actual cost can be higher or lower depending on the service provided that day. A binding estimate means that you only have to pay exactly what was quoted by the company. 

As a business owner, it’s important to lock these details in before committing to anything. 

Go Through the Terms and Conditions 

Just like ensuring you know the service costs, you must understand all the terms and conditions of your contract with the company. Note the equipment, services, and staff that will be coming to your business for the cleaning.


This is essential if you want your needs adequately met. There are usually packages for commercial cleaning jobs like with your business. It can include carpet cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, and more. Depending on your requests, some changes or additions can probably be made. You just need to hammer out the details with the company.


Finding the right cleaning service for your business is a matter of research and asking the right questions. Of course, referrals from people you trust are a good start, but you still need to see and know for yourself before deciding on anything. Cleaning services can make your life as a business owner so much easier, so find the best and focus on running the business.

There are a lot of cleaning companies out there. However, if you want the best professional cleaning services, we’re the right people for that. Call Queen Bee Cleaning Service for efficient cleaning!

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Should Airbnb Guests Clean Up After Themselves? Related Info:

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Related City: West Seattle, Washington


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