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I was filming a little at this job because this was the only room of carpet I was doing. Thought it was a great opportunity to go over a quick tip for those who may not have cleaned berber yet or for those wondering why these are appearing and what to do.

Usually your dry strokes will take them right out as it’s just the over spray from your wands jets. This is why it’s so important to do overlapping dry strokes after your wet passes. Side to side and up and down. I tend to use the 6-8 inch rule for each to help pick up any residual moisture. I’ve found this eliminates any potential over-wetting, and keeps you in the clear. For every up and down wet pass (2 passes). I tend to do one to two dry. The amount you should do dry afterwards varies with how good your machine is and of course mainly how many wet passes you do.

I hope all this info is helpful and might benefit some new cleaners one day. No one really told me up front, so learning the hard why is no fun.  

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