Airbnb Cleaning

You know Airbnb cleaning takes so much time and stops you from doing the things you really want to do. It eats into your profits. It creates arguments with guests, family members who help us and cleaners who work for us. As an Airbnb Guest, there’s nothing more annoying than arriving at a property to be disappointed by the lack of cleanliness and attention to detail.
The top 5 most annoying things about Airbnb cleaning:

It’s expensive
It’s time consuming
Cleaning to a high standard is a necessity (which takes more time and money)
Your Airbnb cleaning fee versus actual Airbnb cleaning costs can be miles apart
Airbnb cleaning fees can deter guests from booking, returning to traditional hotel bookings
Here are my top 5 reasons why you should reconsider your Airbnb cleaning:

Airbnb cleaning fee should cover your linen costs only
Airbnb cleaning fee should never get in the way of a guest making a booking
Airbnb cleaning should be done in a methodical manner to avoid wasting time and money
Airbnb cleaning is a process, it should be systematic and consistent regardless of who’s doing it
Airbnb cleaning costs should be built into your base operating costs
As an Airbnb Host, you need to be smart about how you set up, manage and cost your Airbnb cleaning.

By hiring us you could:
Spend more time with the kids, friends and family
Commit to events that you want to go to but never have time for
Outsource Airbnb cleaning knowing that you can control costs
Use easy to follow Airbnb cleaning processes scalable for 1 to 100+ properties
Leverage your time to invest in activities that bring joy to your life
Confidently turnover properties faster and have back to back bookings
Efficiently manage damage and maintenance, saving money

Queen Bee Cleaning handles the cleaning before your guest arrives, we furnish high quality bed linens & towels, toiletries ((shampoo, shower gel, conditionner, body lotion) & other house amenities for your guest’s comfort. You can focus on sales, we are here to support you for the rest, bring your clients excellence & join the elite of SuperHosts!
Receive 5-star reviews with our no-effort service. Exceed customer expectations, and get more bookings by being a Superhost.
We believe that excellent home cleaning begins by creating dignified, professional jobs in our community. For our Airbnb Hosts who choose Cooperative Cleaning, our cleaners understand cleaning best practices for the Airbnb Host community.

we will bring you sets of beddings & bathroom of superior quality, We have all sizes, when you register your property specify your mattress & pillow sizes.
Note that we do require a deposit of $199 for each guest set, that will be returned to you as long as the sets are reusable. (there should be no major stain or torn apart). Usual wear & tear will not affect your deposit. For the rates, please refer to our ​pricing structure here.

What are your prices?
At Queen Bee Cleaning, we truly believe that treating our employees with respect and compensating them with fair wages and benefits results in a superior level of service to our hosts. Our prices reflect this commitment to responsible employment practices.

Below you’ll find our standard prices for home cleaning. All bookings must be made online and at least 24 hours in advance of requested service date.*

Studio 1 Bedroom / Studio 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms 5 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom $85 $85 $120 $185 $235 $275
2 Bathrooms $100 $100 $135 $200 $250 $290
3 Bathrooms $115 $115 $150 $215 $265 $305
4 Bathrooms $130 $130 $165 $230 $280 $320
5 Bathrooms $145 $145 $180 $245 $295 $335

Bed Linens & Towels
Queen Bee Cleaning Services can arrange a complete range of sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and towels that will be remembered by guests long after checking out as the pinnacle of softness and feel.

A set contain:

Item Specs Single Set Double Set King Set*
Bed Sheet Classic, Unfitted, 180 Thread count 1 1 1
Duvet Cover Premium, 4mm striped, 240 Thread count 1 1 1
Large Bath Towels Premium, 600 gsm 1 2 2
Medium Hand Towel Premium, 600 gsm 1 2 2
Pillowcases Classic, open-ended, 180 Thread count 2 4 4
* King fits super king

Our hotel-grade toiletries set includes all the essentials that your guests need.

Toiletry Set Containing Amount per Set
Body Gel 2
Body Lotion 2
Body Soap 2
Hand Soap 1

Why you should use Iva Cleaning Services London?

We offer you tailor- made service to suit your cleaning needs and your time-scales.

You can use our cleaning services on a fixed term contract or only for a single cleaning visit. We work on very competitive prices.

What our service includes:

We organise professional cleans paid for by your guests to ensure clean homes and high ratings;
Bed changing and made to hotel standard;
Arrange the property to welcome your guests (flowers, bottle of wine, etc.);
Arrange high quality Supplies for Your Airbnb property include bed linens, toiletries, towels and more;
Arrange key collection and drop- off (on request)

Additional Services
We will arrange the key exchange for your guests
Professional Cleaning, hotel standard, 7 days a week, Local employees.
Duct and air sealing
Ductless Heat Pumps (electrically heated homes)
New hot water tanks
Replace kitchen and bathroom fans
Gutter cleaning before & after Autumn

Key Pick-up:
Queen Bee Cleaning offers a one-time complimentary key pick up if we will be keeping the key to provide future services to your home. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact our support team at 425-786-1360 and we can discuss your needs in anticipation to servicing you.

Laundry Service:
We’re happy to take care of laundry (linens & towels only). If the machines are in your unit, the laundry service is complimentary. If there are machines in your building and they are available for use when we arrive, we can perform laundry services for a $10 fee. We do not do laundry at outside laundromats. We can drop off and/or pick up laundry serviced by the staff of your local laundromat ($10 fee for either drop-off or pick-up and $15 fee for both). For pick-ups and drop-offs, please include instructions for how payments to the laundromat will be arranged.

Please note we must be able to complete the laundry within the allotted time for your cleaning. Allotted times are based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. We will reach out to you if we determine we may exceed the allotted time and offer the option to leave items in the dryer or stay for extra time. Please see below for our policy on extra time.

Extra Time/Deep Cleaning:
If our cleaners encounter the need for deeper cleaning due to condition upon a guest’s departure, we will reach out to you to request additional time and proceed accordingly with the rate of $20 (per each extra ½ hour). This fee would be invoiced separately.

Deep Cleaning:
If deep cleaning is requested, we will add $20 per each extra ½ hour as needed. We will always do our best to alert the client if we encounter a home that may require more time in order to do a great job.

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?
No. you only need to provide a vacuum, You do not need to provide supplies unless you prefer to use specific products (please note this when booking). Our Cleaners use products at no additional cost to our clients