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6 Carpet Cleaning Advice – QBC Renton & Lynnwood – Seattle. Your carpet is not only one of the biggest investments you make in your home but also gets the most use on a day to day basis. Taking both of those into consideration, you probably want to get the most use of it before having to replace it.

Taking care of your carpet is important when it comes to extending its life. There are things you should be doing weekly, monthly, and yearly, to protect it.

The carpet experts at Queen Bee Cleaning Services, put together a list of 6 carpet cleaning advice to help you take the best care of your carpet.


Reduce the amount of germs and dirt

There is A LOT of dirt, germs, and bacteria that come in on the bottom of our shoes. And carpet is a magnet for all of these things, collecting everything tracked in. You can stop this from happening by two ways:

  1. Place indoor/outdoor mats at all your doors- These mats will catch some of the debris on shoes. You may even ask family and guests to wipe down their shoes before entering.
  2. Remove shoes and leave at the door- Not only do shoes bring in a lot of junk, but they also cause wear and tear to your carpet. Shoes can grind in dirt, causing damage to carpet fibers and aging them quicker. Consider not allowing shoes to be worn in the house at all. Have family and guests leave them at the door.


Vacuum regularly

This should go without saying, however your carpets should be vacuumed regularly. Vacuuming is both the easiest and most effective way to keep your carpet clean.

Try to vacuum your carpets once a week, and more for high-traffic areas. Be sure to check your vacuum bag or filter regularly, and change when necessary. Overfilled bags and dirty filters can reduce the suction power of your vacuum and be less effective at cleaning.


Treat stains as soon as possible 

From pet accidents to drink spills, your carpets take a beating. It is imperative that you treat these stains immediately. Letting it sit will make it harder to remove, and will lead to break down in the carpet’s fibers.

When treating a stain it is important to blot it, never rub it in. Find a good spot stain remover to treat it. Be sure to always use a white-colored rag or paper towel to reduce the chance of color transfer.

Carpet cleaning advice for getting rid of pet stain


Use area rugs or runners

Place area rugs and/or runners along the areas of your carpet that receive the most amount of traffic. These can save you time when vacuuming and keep carpets looking new for a lot longer.


Clean or change air filters regularly

Air filters should be changed or cleaned at least every 90 days. If you have pets, the recommendation is every 60 days. These filters serve to collect allergens, dirt, and dander that are in the air. The more they collect, the less chance of them falling into the carpet.


Have your carpets professionally cleaned – 6 Carpet Cleaning Advice – QBC Renton & Lynnwood – Seattle

While vacuuming is important, it will not reach debris deep in the carpet. This debris can cause odors and break down if not cleaned regularly.

6 Carpet Cleaning Advice – QBC Renton & Lynnwood – Seattle

Professionally cleaned carpet gets deep below the fibers, pulling out all the nasty stuff you don’t see like; dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and allergens. We recommend having a cleaning company, like Queen Bee Cleaning, come in every six months for a deep clean.

Carpets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Therefore, it is important to know if your carpet needs special treatment, as some of these tips may not be applicable. Taking care of your carpet is important for extending the life of it, as well as providing a clean, healthy environment for your family.


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