#2 Rags Cleaning Slimy Diarrhea Dog Poop From Bothell WA

How to get rid of carpet stains, stain removal. CLEANING A SLIMY DIARRHEA POOP FROM THE CARPETING.

Rags and no carpet cleaner!

Some will say this is the wrong way, but everyone has this in their house readily available, and I don’t like spending a ton of time mixing things up and this is fast and effective for me. I fed the dog some greasy turkey before work. Big mistake he pooped Diarrhea runny poops everywhere. I had 4 sloppy stains to clean. I have used this on koolaid kool-aid juice soda pop coffee coke pepsi spills vomit pet stains . I hate having to clean spills, but soap, a lot of water and a bunch of towels does the trick. Make sure you clean the soap off real good to get the residue up. Stain removal off a carpet or rug. I use this method and I am sure some of the color goes down below the surface, but the top stays clean. Make sure to use the fans to speed up drying time. I use a fair amount of water on these. I typically use less soap and less water and just use a bunch of towel to clean it all up. This was just a big hot mess with the 4 slimy poops my dog had that day. I like to keep my carpet looking nice and new looking. This was a mess I really thought would stain. Carpet stain removal tips, hardwood floors are way easier to clean. Make sure you do quite a few rinses to clean the soap out. I like this method as I don’t use anything besides dish soap and water. Otherwise I never know what chemicals I am spraying down and breathing in. My dog weighs 100 pounds so he has some jumbo sized poops and big sloppy diarrhea squirts. I’ve done this with puppy poop too. Try this I hope it works for you as good as this has worked for me. I think for how slimy this was it was lightning fast. I believe it was less than 30 minutes to clean 4 piles of slop up and out of the carpet. chihuhua poops maybe not, but for my big lab, or Huskies husky german shepherd collie boxer rottweiler great dane etc. this works nice and quick. No need to hire a carpet cleaning company to do this.  

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